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No Prescription or Medical Card is Necessary !

I use My CBD Remedies products for my patients, my family, and myself.

Their products are effective, of the highest quality, and are affordable. I recommend these products to anyone looking for the best CBD products at super competitive prices.
Tony G. Bellini, D.C.
Green Hills Chiropractic

Same Great CBD Products and MORE !!

Discover the Soothing Power of Vegan and Organic CBD Cream

Experience the harmonious blend of wellness and indulgence with our premium Vegan and Organic CBD Creams. Perfectly crafted for those seeking a natural approach to skincare, our creams merge the reputed benefits of CBD with luxurious moisturizing ingredients.

Explore our CBD Cream Collection

Why Choose CBD Cream?

Our CBD Cream delivers targeted relief and hydration where you need it most.

  • Quick absorption for fast relief
  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • Ideal for post-workout recovery
  • Supports wellness routines

Each jar contains the finest quality CBD, ensuring a pure and potent addition to your daily self-care regimen. Unveil a new level of tranquility and comfort with our thoughtfully formulated CBD Cream.

Indulge in Nature’s Sweetness with Our CBD Gummies

Treat yourself to a delightful wellness experience with our CBD Gummies. Expertly designed for taste and efficacy, our gummies provide a delectable way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

Why Our CBD Gummies?

  • Delicious Flavors: Each gummy bursts with mouth-watering flavors, making your CBD intake a truly enjoyable moment.
  • Precise Dosing: With exact measurements of CBD in every gummy, managing your desired intake has never been easier.
  • Convenience on the Go: Our CBD Gummies are perfect for your busy lifestyle. Enjoy them at home, at work, or while traveling.
  • THC Options Available: Looking for an added effect? Try our varieties with Delta 9 THC for a combined benefit of CBD and THC.

Explore Our CBD Gummy Varieties:

  • 25 mg CBD / 5 mg D9 THC per bear: A balanced mix for those seeking both the benefits of CBD and a mild THC experience.

    25mg CBD Gummy Bears

  • 10 mg CBD / 10 mg D9 THC per bear: Find equilibrium with an equal measure of CBD and THC in every bear for those who enjoy a harmonized effect.

    10mg CBD Gummy Bears

Engage in a delightful and wellness-centric snacking option with our CBD Gummies – where health meets pleasure in every bite.

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